QFIT Quickfit Cord Covers (Code: QFIT/GREY, QFIT/BLACK, QFIT/YELL)

For covering cords on carpets
  • Available in Grey, Black or Yellow
  • Supplied in 1.8 metre or 9 metre lengths (precut)
  • Secures up to 3 cables at one time
  • Industrial grade nylon fabric

Secure loose electrical and data cables to looped carpet. This economical hook and loop method allows you to fasten the cords in place without the use of adhesives that leave messy residue on your carpet. The nylon fabric is washable and reusable and stands up to almost anything.

Durable filament hooks hold fast, and can be easily removed for installation or removal of cords. The Quickfit even stays in place during vacuuming.

It provides a very low profile to avoid tripping hazards or accidents in the home, office, or any area where cable management is needed. Can be used on stairs or on curved surfaces with ease. The flexible fabric bends easily around corners while the tunnel created beneath it holds the cables in place.

Product SpecificationColourPower CablesApplication/Cable Type


 Grey  Up to 3

 Electrical or data cables


 Black  Up to 3  Electrical or data cables


 Yellow  Up to 3  Electrical or data cables
100.00 EUR