HRTHERMO Heavy Duty Hose Cover (Code: HRTHERMO)

HRTHERMO - Thermoplastic Hose Cover

Hose protection for frequent vehicular movement

Our thermoplastic cable ramps are ideal protection for cables and hoses. Their heavy duty construction will cater for high traffic volumes and can be bolted to the ground for more permanent applications. The modules offer two large channels, 80mm x 90mm, catering for a variety of hose and cable sizes.

Ramps are supplied in alternate yellow and black modules.

  • Two large channels, 80 x 90mm for securing hoses or cables
  • Height of 100mm and width of 790mm
  • Length 500mm
  • Hard wearing thermoplastic construction Can be bolted down for permanent installations

What are Thermoplastics?

At very high temperatures they become liquid, making them ideal for moulded products. Yet on cooling, most thermoplastics have better fatigue properties than metal and will tolerate larger deflections than metals without deforming. Ideal for speed and cable ramps!

PWS provide a range of cable covers and cable protectors suitable for pedestrian and vehicular use. Our range also protects hoses and water pipes providing you with a variety of solutions.


HRTHERMO cable cover

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