SH75HD Speed Hump & Cable Cover (Code: SH75HD)

SH75HD - Thermoplastic Speedhump & Cable cover

Cable/Hose protection for frequent vehicular movement

With over 23 years of first hand experience in the supply and installation of speed humps, we've yet to find a speed hump that offers better value. The durability of the material, combined with the ability to refresh its colour means maximum lifespan. We've been using it since 1994 and will continue to offer it until we can find a speed hump that offers a better outcome.

Features include:

      • Adjustable length to suit your requirements

      • Modules supplied in alternating black and yellow

      • 4 fixings per module, 4 per end caps (pair)

      • Excellent adhesion to road surfaces (concrete or bitumen)

      • Capacity to handle large volumes of traffic

      • Easy installation

      • Trafficable immediately after installation

      • Channel size is 50mm wide x 30mm high



Width 470mm (in direction of travel)

Height 75mm

Module length 500mm


Part Numbers:

SH75HD Body modules (alternate black and yellow)

SH75HD/WHITE Body modules (alternate black and white)


What are Thermoplastics?

At very high temperatures they become liquid, making them ideal for moulded products. Yet on cooling, most thermoplastics have better fatigue properties than metal and will tolerate larger deflections than metals without deforming. Ideal for speed and cable ramps!

PWS provide a range of cable covers and cable protectors suitable for pedestrian and vehicular use. Our range also protects hoses and water pipes providing you with a variety of solutions.



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