2CHCP 2 Channel Cable & Hose Protector (Code: 2CHCP)

2CHCP - 2 Channel Cable and Hose Protector

Ideal for temporary and permanent applications

Occasionally, when it comes to cable safety, you just can’t avoid running cable covers or hose protection across the floor. To help with these applications we offer a 2 channel cable protector designed to save your valuable cables and hoses from vehicle damage. These protectors also provide safe passage for vehicles across potentially hazardous cables.

Our cable protectors are non-conductive, plastic and polyurethane construction making them suitable for high volume pedestrian and low to medium volume, light to medium weight vehicle applications.

This cable cover has a modular, interlocking design which allows you to construct cable protection systems to suit your needs.

45 degree angled turns are available with a radius of 510mm to the outer edge of the cover.

Quick Facts:
  • Two channels 30x30mm to suit a variety of cable and hose sizes
  • 1 metre long modules
  • 250mm wide and 40mm high
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Checker plate pattern for increased traction
  • Easy to interlock
  • Highly visible colour
  • Non-conductive construction
  • Hinged plastic lid for easy access to cables
  • Fixing holes for more permanent applications
  • Recessed hand grip


74.00 EUR