CR1010 Cable & Hose Ramp (Code: CR1010)

CR1010 - Large Cable and Hose Ramp

Hose protection for frequent vehicular movement

  • This hose protection system is ideal for frequent vehicle movements
  • Suitable for heavy vehicles and forklifts
  • Provide safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles
  • 1010mm long in direction of travel and 300mm wide per module
  • 2 large channels (150mm wide x 120mm high)
  • Suit a variety of cable and hose sizes
  • Sold individually or in a pack of four
  • We recommend two adjacent ramps be in line with each tyre when traversing
  • Ideal for industrial applications and special events
  • These cable protectors are suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Canvas reinforced rubber cable cover
  • Visible colour pattern
  • Non-conductive construction
  • Interlocking system

 CR1010 cable ramp

100.00 EUR